Electric Exfoliating Skin Brush

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Our Everclear cleansing brand brings you the best in active skin care with the Dynamic Facial Brush. We all know how disturbing pimples, blemishes, and early aging signs can be but who can really say they've figured out how best to deal with this? Well we at Wellness Supply Co have been working hard to provide the best active skin care line. 

The Dynamic Facial brush comes with 5 attachments for a variety of different care options: 

1. The Polisher - great for removing tough skin and cutin. 

2. Latex Sponge - dedicated to the eye and cheek massing. 

3. Makeup Remover - just like it sounds, this attachment makes removing makeup quick and easy. 

4. Forever Young - keeps your skin looking fresh and youthful. 

5. Soft Cleaner - a gentle tool for surface blemishes and other particles. 

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